Alexander John Buckley Ford Age,Son,Mother/Richard Buckley Tom Ford Age Difference

Are you acquainted with the esteemed and adored fashion icon, Tom Ford, and his fashion journalist soulmate, Richard Buckley? Alexander John Buckley Ford is their offspring, an exquisite and resplendent child to ever grace existence. Although the couple has parted ways due to the passing of Richard Buckley, a cherished memory of him still endures.

Continue reading to acquaint yourself with Alexander John Buckley Ford, their one and only progeny, and the reason behind the profound affection between the couple.

About Alexander John Buckley Ford

Alexander John Buckley, the progeny of Tom Ford and the late Richard Buckley, was born in 2012. This year, he would celebrate his tenth anniversary, as Tom raised him with utmost tenderness and care following the passing of Alexander’s second father. Indeed, the child is the son of a homosexual couple who demonstrated that a child raised by same genders can be imbued with an equal amount of love as those raised by heterosexual parents.

Growing up away from the glare of cameras and spotlights, Alexander has been nurtured with deep affection provided by both of his fathers. The child has deliberately been shielded from public exposure to grant him a life free from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

His Parents

As mentioned earlier, Alexander John’s parents are Tom Ford and Richard Buckley. The identity of Alexander’s biological mother remains concealed and unavailable to the public. Tom Ford is the biological father of Alexander John, and the identity of the surrogate mother remains undisclosed.

His parents are the two loving fathers, a couple deeply and passionately in love. Thus, Alexander is the cherished child of an open-minded couple who possess a profound understanding of how to raise and love a child in the most nurturing manner.

His Parents’ Careers

Tom Ford is a fashion magnate, while his soulmate, Richard Buckley, is a renowned fashion journalist. Their fateful encounter at a fashion show laid the foundation for their relationship, and as their bond grew stronger, they welcomed their beloved son, Alexander John, in 2012, who has now reached the age of ten and continues to thrive.

However, Richard Buckley recently passed away in September, succumbing to a prolonged illness due to his advanced age. With an age gap of nearly 13 years between the couple, Tom Ford can now take sole responsibility for raising the child.

Alexander John Buckley Ford’s Career & Education
As a scion of both illustrious parents, one a fashion magnate and the other a fashion journalist, Alexander John’s career and education remain shrouded in mystery.

Facts & Specialties

The only known facts and special aspects about the child are his birthdate and details regarding his fathers. Having lived his entire life away from the public eye, he has been kept a well-guarded secret, affording him the option to lead a private and unobtrusive life if he so desires in the future.

Wrap Up

Alexander, the son of a same-gender couple, is destined to grow into an impeccably handsome gentleman, inheriting his father Tom Ford’s exceptional genes.