Net Worth Of Al Sharpton

Alfred Charles Sharpton, commonly known as Al Sharpton, is a prominent American civil rights activist, Baptist minister, politician, and host. Born on October 3, 1954, he is the founder of the National Action Network, a civil rights organization. Sharpton has been involved in various aspects of public life, including running for the US presidential election.

Sharpton is well-known for his radio talk show called “Keepin’ it Real,” where he serves as the host. He is also a regular guest on cable news television shows. Additionally, he hosted a night talk show on MSNBC called “Politics Nation,” which later moved to Sunday mornings.

Early Life:

Al Sharpton was born in Brooklyn, New York City, to Ada Richards and Alfred Charles Sharpton. He comes from a family with Cherokee Native American ancestry. At a very young age, Sharpton became a member of the clergy and toured with gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. However, his family faced financial struggles, and he experienced hardships after his parents’ divorce.

Sharpton attended Samuel J. Tilden High School in Brooklyn and got involved in political activities at a young age, becoming the youth director for Shirley Chisholm in 1972.

Personal Life:

In 1980, Sharpton married Kathy Jordan, a singer he met while campaigning with James Brown. The couple got divorced in 2004. Sharpton’s personal life also made headlines when he was linked to Aisha McShaw, a 35-year-old beautician and investor, causing controversy in the media.

Assassination Attempt:

In 1991, Sharpton faced a near-fatal assassination attempt when he was stabbed in the chest by Michael Riccardi while leading a protest in Brooklyn. The incident was said to be planned rather than random, and Sharpton survived the attack.

Political Career:

Al Sharpton’s political career has seen both successes and setbacks. He has run for various political offices and won the United States Senate seat from New York in 1988, 1992, and 1994. However, his run for Mayor of New York City in 1997 was not successful.

Sharpton has expressed that his aim in politics was not always to win elections but to raise social issues and change the course of debate on important matters.

Net Worth:

As of 2020, Al Sharpton’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000. Despite facing financial difficulties at times, Sharpton has multiple sources of income contributing to his net worth. He has appeared in movies, hosted TV shows, and authored books. He also owns an enterprise called Raw Talent and Reveals Communication. His radio show, hosting MSNBC’s “Politics Nation,” and donations to his non-profit organization, the National Action Network, have also added to his income.

Overall, Al Sharpton is a multifaceted individual with a diverse career and a notable impact on civil rights and political discussions.