Northern Rescue Season 2 Update,Will There Be Another Season Of Northern Rescue

Produced by Don Carmody Television (DCTV), “Northern Rescue” is an esteemed Canadian drama television series, originally broadcasted primarily in Canada and now gracing the global audience through Netflix.

Commencing on March 1, 2019, its inaugural season comprised ten episodes, wherein the eminent William Baldwin portrayed the poignant role of a valiant search and rescue commander.

The narrative revolves around John West (portrayed by William Baldwin), a SAR commander who relocates, accompanied by his three children, from Boston to the fictitious yet picturesque enclave of Turtle Island Bay, Ontario, following the heart-rending demise of his beloved wife. Therein, they reside under the care of John’s sister-in-law.

Notable Cast:

  • William Baldwin takes on the mantle of John West, the compelling protagonist.
  • Michelle Nolden renders a touching performance as Sarah West, John’s departed wife, whose life is artfully depicted through her diary and cherished memories.
  • Kathleen Robertson brings depth to the character of Charlie Anders, Sarah’s sister.
  • Amalia Williamson imbues life into the role of Madelyn “Maddie” West, the eldest offspring of Sarah.
  • Spencer MacPherson adeptly portrays Scout West, the sole son of John and Sarah.
  • Taylor Thorne gives a delightful portrayal of Taylor West, the youngest offspring of the grieving couple.
  • Sebastien Roberts essays the role of Alex, Charlie Anders’ estranged paramour.
  • Evan Marsh depicts Henry, an intriguing love interest of Madelyn West.


  1. “Que Sera” – Written by Mark Bacci, and Directed by Bradley Walsh.
  2. “Making Lemonade” – Directed by Bradley Walsh.
  3. “Sarah’s Stuff” – Directed by Gail Harvey.
  4. “D-U-A-L-I-T-Y” – Directed by Gail Harvey.
  5. “12 Months to the Day” – Directed by Eleanore Lindo.
  6. “The Little Things” – Directed by Eleanore Lindo.
  7. “The Dividing Line” – Directed by Michael McGowan, written by David Cormican.
  8. “The Bear” – Directed by Michael McGowan, written by David Cormican.
  9. “Wake Up” – Directed by Bradley Walsh.
  10. “Dad Knows Best” – Directed by Bradley Walsh.


Conceived and produced by Don Carmody Television (DCTV) in Ontario, “Northern Rescue” captivates the Canadian audience through the CBC Gem service, with filming locations in Parry Sound, Ontario, and Toronto, Canada. Its ten debut episodes premiered on March 1, 2019, and are now available globally through the platform of Netflix.

Prospects of a Second Season:

As a lauded gem on Netflix, “Northern Rescue” has garnered universal acclaim since its initial release in March 2019. This Canadian opus delves into the extraordinary life of a search and rescue commander, whose family undergoes profound transformation and exposes concealed familial truths that were beyond anticipation.

Anticipation among fervent fans heightens for the prospect of a forthcoming season that will continue to delve into the enthralling saga of John West and his kin. The imminent revelation of latent family secrets sustains viewers’ excitement, and an eager wait ensues for an official announcement from the series’ esteemed producers. Billy Baldwin, in February 2020, expressed that renewal hinges upon CBC and Netflix’s decision. Should CBC opt against proceeding with another season, the responsibility to continue production lies in the hands of Netflix.