Princess Agents Season 2: Release Date, Cast, New Season/Cancelled?

If you have always been fascinated by princesses and their enchanting romances, if fantasy is your preferred entertainment when selecting a film, and if you long to immerse yourself in a tale centered around royalty, princely figures, and majestic kingdoms, we have a recommendation for you. “Princess Agents” is a Chinese television series, also renowned as “Legend of Chu Qiao.”

This captivating narrative unfolds around a prince whose family suffers a merciless slaughter, transforming him into an ambitious and pitiless individual determined to exact revenge for the loss of his loved ones. He forsakes his betrothed at the altar and embarks on a vengeful journey against his adversaries.

A glimpse into the show:

“Princess Agents,” or “Legend of Chu Qiao,” delves into the realms of Historical fiction, Action, and Romance. Originally presented in Mandarin, the series draws inspiration from the literary work “11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei” penned by Xiao Xiang Dong Er, subsequently reimagined by Jia Wen, Yang Tao, and Chen Lan. The directorial brilliance of Wu Jinyuan and stellar performances by Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou, and Li Qin contribute to the show’s allure.

Spanning across 58 episodes, the series was brought to life under the production of Ma Zhongjun and Zhao Yifang, with filming taking place at Hengdian World Studios and Inner Mongolia. Liu Yingxuan serves as the executive producer, and Ciwen Entertainment, Croton Media, and Mitao Media are the esteemed companies involved in its creation. The series was officially distributed by Mitao Media and originally aired on Hunan TV, commencing from the first episode on 5th June, and culminating with the final episode on 1st August 2017.

Fans eagerly await the advent of its second season, as the first season concludes with an intriguing cliffhanger, hinting at the promise of future episodes.


Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous Northern Wei period (386-535 CE), a time characterized by turmoil and violence, the story unfolds in a realm where innocent citizens are frequently abducted and enslaved. These unfortunate souls are then cast into the forest, serving as quarry for the amusement of the affluent lords.

Amidst this harsh reality, a slavegirl named Chu Qiao falls prey to this cruel practice, only to be saved by the Prince of Northern Yan, Prince Yan Xun, and Yuwen Yue. Thus begins her journey, as she finds herself entangled in the bloody power struggle of the Yuwen Manor.

Determined to secure the safety of her younger sisters and escape perilous circumstances, Chu Qiao embarks on a path fraught with challenges. Nevertheless, fate intertwines her destiny with that of Yan Xun, and she undergoes rigorous training to forge a bond with him.

Throughout her odyssey, Chu Qiao encounters various individuals, including the joyful Prince Yuan Song, the unruly Prince of Liang, Xiao Ce, and a spy princess known as Xiao Yu. As time elapses, Yan Xun’s family is branded traitors, prompting Chu Qiao to lose faith in him and rally against Yuwen Yue to thwart his schemes.


Zhao Liying brings to life the protagonist Chu Qiao, affectionately known as Jing Xiaoliu, a clever and resolute young woman. Lin Gengxin portrays Yuwen Yue, the heir of the Eyes of God and the Fourth young master of the Yuwen Manor. Shawn Dou embodies Yan Xun, the Prince of Northern Yan.

Li Qin takes on the role of Yuan Chun, the Princess of Western Wei and Yan Xun’s betrothed. Kwok Fung breathes life into Yuwen Zhuo, Yuwen Yue’s grandfather and Master of the 1st household. Chin Shih-chieh portrays Yuwen Xi, Master of the 3rd household.

Wang Dong assumes the character of Yuwen Hao, Yuwen Zhuo’s son. Wang Yanlin embodies Yuwen Huai, the Young Master of the 3rd household. Xing Zhaolin plays the role of Yue Qi, a comrade of Yuwen Yue. Sun Yi essays the character of Yue Jiu, a devoted guard to Yuwen Yue. Yuan Quan portrays Yue Shiwu, another of Yuwen Yue’s guards.


The first season of “Princess Agents” comprises 58 episodes, with the premiere of its initial, second, and third episodes on 5th June 2017. Successive episodes aired on 7th June, 8th June, 12th June, 13th June, 14th June, 15th June, 19th June, 20th June, 21st June, 22nd June, 26th June, 27th June, 28th June, and so forth until 24th July 2017.

Awaiting the Arrival of Princess Agents Season 2:

The first season’s culmination leaves viewers with an alluring cliffhanger, sparking expectations of an impending second season. While no official statement has been issued by the show’s creators, fervent fans remain optimistic about the continuation of this enthralling saga.